By Focus Staff

Knox County voters elected Mayor Tim Burchett with 85% of the vote and looking at the results from this week’s Focus poll, the Mayor remains highly popular. Mayor Burchett was opposed to the tax increase demanded by School Superintendent James McIntyre and apparently Burchett’s position is very popular with the public.

Voters were asked, “Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett is almost halfway through his first term. How would you rate his performance as mayor so far?” Voters had the option of selecting favorable or unfavorable. More than 80% of respondents have a favorable opinion of Tim Burchett’s performance as mayor thus far. Every age demographic gave Burchett high marks; slightly more women than men gave Burchett higher approval as mayor. The district with the lowest favorable opinion of Burchett was the First District, which is wholly inside the City of Knoxville.

The First District is a reliably Democratic district and largely African-American. Still more than 66% of voters in the First District have favorable opinion of Mayor Burchett. According to the survey, Burchett is most popular in the Eighth District with 87% of voters registering a favorable opinion of the Mayor.

Burchett’s favorable rating remains high with voters residing inside the City of Knoxville, but it is even higher with voters outside the City limits. Burchett scores big margins in the vote-rich districts outside the City of Knoxville.


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