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Allen made Deputy Chief

By Dan Andrews


Thursday, August 14, 2014 will forever be remembered as a historic day for the Knoxville Police Department. Nate Allen, a highly respected and well-known member of the Knoxville Police Department, was sworn in as the rank of Deputy Police Chief  within the Knoxville Police Department.

The promotion ceremony took place in the ballroom of the Knoxville Coliseum and was standing room only. The line to greet Allen and shake his hand was out the door. What made this event so special to so many is how much pride, respect and determination that people from all walks of life in the Knoxville community have experienced in dealing with Deputy Chief Nate Allen.

Deputy Chief Nate Allen is the first African American in the Knoxville Police Department to rise to the prestigious rank, an honor that he takes very seriously. However, I have seen, from personal experience, another honor that Deputy Chief Nate Allen takes seriously: the role of being a police officer and a role model to the community.

Deputy Chief Allen started in Knoxville as a reporter for WBIR in the 1980s, which may well be why he is so respected by the Knoxville media. I can personally attest to the high level of professionalism and respect that the Deputy Chief has always extended towards me as a person and a journalist. I feel that this is important to note considering what is currently going on around the country. While other communities have made headlines for Police Departments clashing with reporters, that almost never happens in Knoxville. Part of the reason for that is because of members like Deputy Chief Allen, whom former Chief Sterling described as “very steady, dependable person who could be placed in almost any situation and he would give you his best and do it appropriately.”

Former County Commissioner Diane Jordan summed it up perfectly when she stated the following: “I have known Nate Allen for over 20 years, and he has always been there for the community, especially the youth of Knoxville. Anytime, we as a community had an issue, problem, or a solution, Nate would always be ready to help and see the project through to completion. Nate has made Knoxville a better place and in his new position as Deputy Chief I firmly believe will make Knoxville an even greater place!”