Seymour Volunteer Fire Department Graduates Volunteers To Serve Seymour’s Tri-County Community

The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department has trained 15 new recruits to become interior firefighters. These men and women have devoted a combined total over 2,400 hours, which will benefit the department and ultimately the Seymour community. This large graduating class has exceeded the state required number of training hours for interior firefighting. This will be the first ceremony of its kind for SVFD, and it was made possible because of the dedication of recruits that have gone through the four month program. This has also been possible through a SAFER grant received by SVFD from FEMA. These graduates will enable the department to more effectively respond to structure fires.

“The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department has been fortunate enough to have 15 volunteers complete the program”, said Fire Chief Kevin Nunn, “These individuals have dedicated four months of their lives to SVFD and ultimately the community.” Executive Administrator John Linsenbigler stated, “All firefighters train, but to volunteer your own time to train, to make yourself and your community better, is real dedication. These firefighters who have become part of our team will help us improve our response to calls and better serve our community.”