On the Campaign Trail with Bob Thomas

By Rose King
Tuesday’s Knox County Primaries will determine the candidates for the August General Election. The Republican nominee for mayor could very well be the mayor of Knox County for the next four years.
Current County Commissioner at Large Bob Thomas believes he has the business experience and commitment to the community to successfully lead the county. He says his experience in operating a successful business, working within budgets and meeting payrolls has helped him developed skills needed to manage Knox County’s $800M annual operating budget efficiently and effectively.  He also pointed out that “working in the broadcasting industry for 30 years has added business management and communication skills that are essential to working with government agencies, organizations and citizens to achieve positive growth for Knox County.”
Bob told The Focus, “As my dad always said, ‘There is no teacher like experience.’  I’ve owned a successful business and have developed the experience and skills necessary to lead Knox County forward.”
A lifetime resident of Knox County, Bob has been an active public servant and community volunteer. He has worked with many organizations, from helping to revive the Knoxville Christmas Parade in 1975, to serving on the Board of the Cerebral Palsy Center as president during the building of their group home, to currently serving on boards ranging from the American Cancer Society, Metro Drug Coalition and Young-Williams Animal Center. Bob has shown a deep commitment to help make Knox County a better place to live.
Bob and his wife Kim have three children and six grandchildren. Bob has worked to encourage school bus safety by implementing the bus driver safety award program. Bob is committed to working with the school board and administration to give Knox County students the best educational opportunities available.
Over the past three months Bob and Kim have visited over 6000 homes to introduce themselves, share Bob’s vision for Knox County and hear what is important to people.
“I have listened and I am committed to work hard for low taxes, safe schools, improving our county roads and infrastructure, the honor and care of our seniors and veterans, improved educational opportunities for our children, growing the local economy and better paying jobs. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to work and be the voice of the people of our county.”