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Knoxvillians, Knox Countians Support Public Prayer

By Focus Staff
This week’s Knoxville Focus poll posed the question, “Do you support or oppose prayer before public meetings or events?”
Quite nearly 87% of respondents said they support prayer at public meetings and events. Only just over 13% said they opposed prayer at public meetings or events.
The results were consistent throughout the city and the county. Almost 80% of respondents in the First District replied they supported the idea of prayer at public meetings and events. The First District is entirely inside the City of Knoxville.
The strongest opposition to the idea came from inside the Fourth District, where almost a third of voters said they were opposed to prayer at public meetings and events. The Fourth District is Sequoyah Hills and West Knoxville.
Voters in South Knoxville overwhelmingly supported the idea of prayer before public meetings and events with over 95% of the respondents saying the support the notion.
Respondents in the Seventh District supported the idea even slightly more strongly.
Both women and men supported prayer at public meetings and events by an almost identical margin.

Click here to view full results.

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